Biden to meet Rousseff as Brazil-U.S. ties begin to thaw

March 28, 2014

Brian Winter – Reuters, 3/28/2014

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden plans to meet withBrazil‘s leader when he attends the World Cup in June, an official with knowledge of the visit told Reuters, a sign that relations between the two countries are thawing after a fight over National Security Agency spying last year.

The meeting with President Dilma Rousseff is slated to take place in Brasilia, the capital, likely after Biden attends a still-undetermined game in the global football tournament, the official said on condition of anonymity.

A White House official declined to comment. A spokesman for Rousseff did not respond to a request for comment.

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Policy Brief: Pursuing a Productive Relationship Between the U.S. and Brazil

December 3, 2012

Paulo Sotero – Brazil Institute, November, 2012

blog do planalto

Converging economic interests are emerging as the principal driver of U.S.-Brazil relations. A reelected President Barack Obama and President Dilma Rousseff, at the half mark of her government, are confronted with daunting tasks. Both leaders need to scientifically improve the economics performance of their countries in the case of major political obstacles at home and an adverse economic outlook abroad. In both countries, sustainable growth will require investment in infrastructure, education, and innovation more than consumption. How they respond will determine the success or failure of their administrations. It will also affect the two countries’ bilateral relationship and their regional and global standing.

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Brazil sees steady ties with US after Obama re-election

November 8, 2012

Julia Carneiro – BBC, 11/08/2012

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was quick to react to the US election result.

Almost before Barack Obama’s victory was confirmed, she used a public event in Brasilia to send her warmest wishes to him and the US people.

And she would, she said, be calling him later to offer her congratulations.

But President Rousseff’s reaction seems to stem less from the hope of great things to come in the US-Brazil relationship than relief at the continuity in the White House.

In fact, even if Republican Mitt Romney had triumphed, analysts suggest relations between the two biggest countries in the Americas would have been little altered.

Ties grew stronger during George W Bush’s time in office and have matured under President Obama, although some tensions persist.

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Can Brazil meet US thirst for oil?

June 25, 2012

Simone Sebastian – Global Post, 6/25/2012

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Billions of barrels of oil lying beneath Brazil’s crystal waters are poised to help transform the Americas into the new Middle East.

Brazil’s national oil company, which uncovered the Western Hemisphere’s largest oil discovery in 30 years, has struggled to tap the gusher as quickly as planned.

When the wells start to flow, the man who manages the project’s finances knows where the crude is likely to go.

“The American consumer is our natural buyer,” he says.

Sitting in the Rio de Janeiro headquarters of Brazil’s national oil company, Petrobras Chief Financial Officer Almir Barbassa spoke soberly about the soaring plans that could turn Brazil into a global energy powerhouse.

Brazil believes its offshore oil will help double the nation’s reserves by the end of the decade, to 30 billion barrels.

Already, growing oil production in Brazil has fueled Petrobras’ rise. The publicly traded corporation is 51 percent owned by the national government. Forbes ranks it 10th on its list of largest public global companies, putting Petrobras in the same tier as General Electric and Royal Dutch Shell.

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Why Brazil signed a military agreement with the US

April 15, 2010

For the first time in three decades, the US and Brazil have a military agreement. Brazil is shopping for 36 new fighter jets, and the US is trying to counter growing Russian and Iranian influence in Latin America.

Sara Miller Llana and Andrew Downie-Christian Science Monitor, 04/15/10

The US and Brazil signed a military agreement Monday that both nations touted as an example of partnership and transparency in the Americas. The defense pact, the first between the two nations since 1977, opens the door to more interchange on research and development, logistics support, education and training, and the acquisition of defense products and services.

It comes as US Defense Secretary Robert Gates sets off on a tour of Latin America, including visits to Colombia, Peru, and the Caribbean – seen as part of a broader effort to strengthen ties with allies, as well as shore up support in a region that has embraced Iran and made increasing arms purchases from Russia.

But it’s perhaps Brazil, where Mr. Gates had originally planned to visit before a schedule change, which has the most to gain from the deal reached Monday. “Brazil is going to get recognition, and that is very important. Future wars are going to be as much about the management of information and intelligence as they are about armaments.

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World tariff wars: U.S. protectionism is hurting American exports.

April 9, 2010

The Wall Street Journal, 04/09/10

President Obama launched his National Export Initiative last month. Objective: Double exports in five years. Sounds good. Too bad some of our trading partners missed the memo.

Brazil, in the same week, announced a plan to impose new tariffs on 102 U.S. products. On some items, the tariffs will go as high as 100%. In all, it will affect about $1 billion a year in U.S. exports. Brazil also announced it’s considering sanctions against U.S. intellectual property, including compulsory licensing in pharmaceuticals, music, chemicals and software.

Before screaming for a first strike on Brazil, bear in mind that what it did is an approved action under World Trade Organization rules. Brazil won the right to retaliate against U.S. exports because U.S. subsidies to cotton growers contravene the rules of the multilateral trading system. Because we are in “non-compliance,” they get to engage in “retaliation.” On Monday Brazil gave the U.S. a reprieve until April 22 on the new tariff implementation in the hopes that a negotiated compromise might be reached. If not, we will have an old fashioned trade war on our hands.

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Gates, ahead of Latam trip, to sign Brazil accord

April 9, 2010

Reuters, 04/08/10

Gates will sign the agreement on Monday with Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim in Washington, a senior U.S. defense official said on Thursday, confirming plans announced by Jobim and diplomats earlier in the week.

He will travel to Colombia, Peru and attend a Caribbean security conference in Barbados that same week.

The U.S. official, who asked not to be named, described the agreement with Brazil as a “huge deal,” establishing the first framework of its kind in more than 30 years for defense ties between the two countries.

Still, tense issues like Iran were likely to loom large when Jobim and Gates meet at the Pentagon. Brazil has so far rejected U.S. calls to support a new round of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

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