Corruption Allegations Against Federal District Governor

Estado de S.Paulo, 12/02/09

Brazil’s Federal Police investigation, “Operation Pandora’s Box,” points to the Federal District governor, José Roberto Arruda (DEM), as the principal coordinator of a corruption scheme that involved receiving and distributing bribes. The scheme involved members of his office, businesses with government contracts, and Federal District lawmakers.

Thus far, the Legislative Chamber received four impeachment requests against Arruda. The requests came from PSOL political party, an order of evangelical ministers, and by two lawyers, Evilásio Viana dos Santos and Anderson Smith.

Applications for impeachment must be confirmed by the Committee for Constitution and Justice of the Legislative Chamber and then be passed by 16 of the 24 district deputies to be confirmed.

On arrival to the Legislative Assembly this morning, federal lawmaker Chico Alencar (RJ) of PSOL protested against the alleged corruption by conducting an “anti-prayer,” referring to the video released in which Rubens Júnior César Brunelli (PSC) and Leonardo Prudente (DEM) appear praying while participating in the embezzlement.

“Our Financier, who art on earth,
Hallowed be thy business.
Thy money come,
Thy will be done, both in the public as in private sectors. Give us this day our daily fee.
And forgive us for our embezzlement, as we forgive those that embezzled against us.
And lead us not into the temptation of honesty, but deliver us away from the truth,” says the “anti-prayer.”

President Lula said yesterday (Tuesday) that the images cannot speak for themselves, but I, in opposition, say: You’re right, they can’t speak for themselves, they scream for themselves. The images are completely clear. There cannot be more convincing proof,” criticized Alencar. 

Pastor Pastor Oséas Rodrigues from the Order of Evangelical Ministers of Gama, the third to submit an impeachment request, also criticized the corruption. “Our preoccupation as evangelicals is governmental corruption, but also the fact that videos mentioned evangelicals performing prayers. We will not be accomplices to these occurrences. I am not only speaking about evangelicals. Our criticism is aimed at the entire religious sphere. All of the denominations involved should be investigated, Catholics, Spirituals, and others alike.”

See original story in Portuguese here…

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