Brazilian Air Force monitored politicians, civilians, church, for ten years after dictatorship’s end

Mari Hayman –  Latin American News Dispatch, 4/26/2011

A trove of 35,000 documents released by the Brazilian National Archives on April 13 show that the Brazilian Air Force monitored leftist groups and political parties, labor union members, and students for up to ten years after the country’s 1964-1985 military dictatorship.

Rubens Valente and João Carlos Magalhães, two reporters from the Folha de São Paulo, released an in-depth report on the findings on Thursday, April 14. The documents are part of a collection of 50,000 documents turned over to the National Archives by the Air Force in 2010 at the order of Air Force Commander Juniti Saito. According to O Globo, 15,000 of the documents cannot be made available due to privacy concerns.

Brazil’s CISA (Centro de Informações e Segurança da Aeronautica), the intelligence agency for the Brazilian Air Force during the military dictatorship, produced 1,324 documents during the administrations of former Brazilian presidents José Sarney (1985-1990), Fernando Collor (1990-1992) and Itamar Franco  (1992-1994). Other Brazilian intelligence agencies operative during that period included the CIE (Centro de Informações do Exército), Cenimar (Centro de Informações da Marinha), and SNI (Serviço Nacional de Informações), affiliated with the Army, Navy, and executive branch, respectively. So far, the Air Force is the first and only branch of the Brazilian Armed Forces to release intelligence documents.

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