Rousseff and 2010 Brazil census results

Ben Tavener – Rio Times, 11/22/2011

While in Salvador, President Dilma Rousseff pledged more help for the region, which has a significantly bigger black population than in the richer southeast region of Brazil, photo by Roberto Stuckert Filho/PR.

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has said that the face of poverty in Brazil is one that is “black and female,” which highlighted the need to bolster public policies in relation to women’s health in the country and admitted that the country’s black population still experiences unacceptable levels of poverty, violence and unemployment.

She made the comments as she closed the High Level Ibero-American Meeting in commemoration of the International Year of African Descendants, which took place in Salvador, in the northeast of Brazil, where people of African decent make up a greater proportion of the population than in the southeast.

However, she also said that recently the situation had begun to reverse and that the state was now looking out for people from the more disadvantaged communities of the population.

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One thought on “Rousseff and 2010 Brazil census results

  1. I hope Dilma can stand out without the image of Lula, and her history shows that she has a good fighting spirit and she will do a good job to improve the quality of life not only of the rich and middle class but also the poor. Furthermore, poor people in Brazil are becoming more and more demanding and she will have to improve educational and health system. What will be interesting to see is that how the new president will help the many impoverished black Brazilians. Hope she have an ethical and professional performance.

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