Brazil has the highest real interest rate among 40 leading economies

Consumer loan rates in Brazil are also among the highest in the world

Mercopress, 12/01/2011

The Brazilian Central bank latest decision to lower the basic interest rate by half a percentage point to 11%, confirms Brazil leadership as the country with the highest real interest rates in the world. An honour it has held interruptedly for the last 23 months.

Brazil took first place in January 2010 when it jumped from its traditional long established second ranking, according to a paper from Cruzeiro do Sul Corretora international analyst Jason Vieira, who ranks real interest rates for the forty major economies of the world.

With the latest decision, Brazil’s real interest rate leads with 5.1% annually, followed by Hungary with 2.5%. The basic real rate is obtained by subtracting from the nominal rate the expected inflation for the next twelve months.

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