Audacious engineer goes for Amazon oil

Juan Forero – The Washington Post, 02/02/2012

HRT is the only private company drilling for oil in the Brazilian Amazon. Pictured, a rig in the jungle, drilling for oil. HRT is trying to start producing this year and by 2014 would pump 50,000 barrels daily. Photo Credit: HRT

Marcio Mello often talks of eureka moments.

The veteran geo-scientist’s biggest came when he decided that his petroleum research firm should become an oil explorer, taking advantage of the rich sedimentary basins that have lured oil companies to Brazil.

“This is very funny because one day I was here and I just had the idea,” said Mello, recounting his thought process with bubbling enthusiasm. “I say, ‘Why don’t I fulfill my dream and build my own oil company? Why am I finding oil for the other ones?’ ”

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One thought on “Audacious engineer goes for Amazon oil

  1. Brazil has a lot of obstacles to overcome, including crime, poverty, and economic growth. This is proof that they are taking a step in the right direction, to some degree. The environment is also a huge issue though, since they are the home of the Amazon, and it is sad to see that they don’t do a very good job of protecting it. I hope that they find out how to mix economic and environmental success soon.

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