Brazilian art exhibition builds bridges to India

Divanee, 03/06/2012

"Motherland," by Pushipamala explores the search for identity after the colonial period. (Photo courtesy of Tereza de Arruda)

From BRIC to Bollywood, a new bridge in the relationship between Brazil and India  has marked a new era for the countries. Índia Lado a Lado (India Side by Side), a contemporary art exhibition of Indian artists traveling through Brazil, reflects this bond.

The countries have long been tied through their shared colonial histories. The first bilateral treaties between India and Brazil arose in the 16th and 18th centuries, while both were colonies of Portugal, resulting in an exchange of flora, fauna, food, customs and clothing. This exhibition explores the modern relationship between the countries.

Índia Lado a Lado was conceived for the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and presents the complexity of Indian contemporary art. The media vary and feature the eclectic range of artists working with  painting, sculpture, installation, photography and video, featuring more than twenty artists who explore the various facets of Indian culture and life. Divanee had the opportunity to speak to renowned curator Tereza de Arruda, who organized the exhibit.

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