Niterói crime wave linked to Rio UPPs

Zoë Roller – Rio Times, 04/18/2012

While the UPP (Police Pacification Unit) program in Rio has had many successes in the past few years confronting drug trafficking in the favelas, the surrounding metropolitan region has seen crime rates rise as criminals flee the city. The number of arrests in outlying areas like Niterói, São Gonçalo and Duque de Caxias has increased significantly, bringing residents to protest.

According to a February 2012 Public Security Institute study, home robberies in Niterói have gone up 285.7 percent compared to the past year. Car break-ins are up 71 percent and muggings are up 13.5 percent, according to the report.

This past Sunday (April 15th) Niterói residents staged several demonstrations demanding more security. Protesters gathered on São Francisco beach, singing the national anthem and holding signs with slogans like “Niterói will not be taken hostage by violence!”, “UPP in Niterói now!” and “We want police on the streets!”


One thought on “Niterói crime wave linked to Rio UPPs

  1. stupid protesters, pacifist they are, I know, my children are stuck there while I wait for USA immigration’s to give me permission to bring them home. Its only been years and thousands of dollars.

    anyhow, they are pacifists, a friend told me he refuses to look over his shoulder and be afraid of them, right, take a walk and do look for someone who will murder you for a buck, instead of a protest at a police station, why not a protest with pitchforks where the criminals live.

    They all know where the criminals live, a Favela, It is a defined neighborhood police and civilians are not allowed in.

    Protest there, walk up the hill and take clubs seeing how you have no right to guns. They are illegal in Brazil.

    Only the criminals have guns and this is what you get.

    At least they are building a 20 million dollar fountain for the Olympics, as the Brazilians are robbed and murdered they can look at a lousy fountain that destroys the skyline view of Rio.

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