The ‘Perfect Partner’: Brazil Follows its Own Wind Energy Model

Peter Gardett – Aol Energy, 8/22/2012

Brazil is a country blessed by nature. Famous for its beaches, renowned for its beauties, the emerging global economic leader is also blessed by huge energy reserves, ranging from deep sea oil to huge rivers that drive hydroelectric production and some of the best wind resources in the world.

Countries have built wind energy as a complement to their existing power infrastructure, but in few places does the natural setting make wind so much “the perfect partner” for hydroelectric power as Brazil, the Global Wind Energy Council said in a report on regulatory frameworks for the country’s emerging wind industry. That is nature at work, with the wind cycle complementing Brazil’s rainy season by blowing strongest during the dry season.

Brazil’s government energy research group EPE says the country hit 1,436 MW of wind power at the end of 2011, an amount it forecasts will more than double to total 3,241 MW in 2012 as government incentives filter through to turbine production and installation. That makes up only a tiny proportion of the country’s total 112,455 MW of power production, but also means it is one of the country’s fastest-growing generation types; by 2019 the GWEC says Brazil will have 6,041 MW of installed wind capacity. That accounts for one third of the average annual increase in power generation over the decade.

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