Brazil’s protesters, in their own words

Robert Mackey – The New York Times, 06/20/2013

As my colleague Simon Romero reports, Brazil is braced for another round of protests on Thursday, with demonstrations planned for dozens of cities, even after the authorities retreated from plans to raise bus fares across the country in the face of massive street protests.

The size and intensity of the demonstrations has created an instant demand in the global media for English-speaking academics and journalists who can explain the root causes of the protests to the rest of the world. Less often heard are the voices of the protesters themselves, and Brazilians who sympathize with their demands.

That makes the work of two contributors to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo’s blog “From Brazil,” particularly valuable. Reporting from the streets of São Paulo this week, the filmmaker Otavio Cury and Dom Phillips, a British journalist based in Brazil, have produced two video reports, with English subtitles, in which Brazilians explain in clear terms the frustration and anger behind the movement.

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