Brazil’s crop logistics drama

Luis Vieira –, 11/06/2013

With Brazilian exports of corn and soybeans expected to continue their strong performance in 2014, last year’s problematic port logistics are reccurring.

Recent data released by Brazil’s Ministry of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade shows that the South American country exported 3.8 million tons of soybeans in September and 3.44 million tons of corn – both are records for the period. From January to September, soybean exports reached 40.7 million tons, already overtaking the output of 2013 in just nine months.

For the 2013-2014 season, Céleres consultancy has a projection that Brazil will have a soybean area of 74.1 million acres and a corn area of 38.5 million acres (including both the summer and winter crops). Respectively, the growth would be 3.3 million acres and 750,000 acres compared with this year’s crops. Mato Grosso, Goiás, and Maranhão are the states that are likely to get the largest slice of this increase. “Most of the growth is coming with the usage of genetically modified seeds and the price of soy in Chicago. If there is more news about bad weather in the U.S., the corn area can grow even more in Brazil,” says Anderson Galvão, CEO of Céleres consultancy.

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