In Brazil, the ‘coup’ continues as vice pres considers opposition

Kenneth Rapoza – Forbes, 7/21/2015

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff stands alone. Her approval rating is 7%. Her vice president is considering joining the opposition in 2018.

At this point, why wait? After veep Michel Temer of the Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) said Tuesday that his part — of which he is top banana — will look for a presidential candidate to challenge Dilma’s Workers’ Party (PT) in the next election. This is no different than Joe Biden telling Democrats that they’d be wise not to vote for the president, or his party, in three years’ time.

Temer said his party would oppose the ruling Workers’ Party today during a speech at Cornell University in New York, a city full of investors who probably share his newfound disdain for his boss — Brazil’s first female president, Dilma. On Tuesday, polling firm MDA said that just 1.5% of the population surveyed considered her government a good one. This is the lowest she and the PT have been in the 13 years they’ve been in power.

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