Cardoso to Rousseff: admit your mistakes or resign


Following the third wave of massive street demonstration in Brazil on Sunday August 16, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso issued a statement on August 17  asking President Dilma Rousseff to step down or admit she made mistakes in order to  regain the trust of the Brazilian people and recover her lost political legitimacy

The most significant part of the demonstrations, such as the ones that took place yesterday, is the persistence of the popular sentiment that the government, albeit legal, is illegitimate. It is lacking a moral base that has been eroded by the  shenanigans of lulopetismo (government led by Luis Inacio Lula da Silva of the Workers’ Party). Similar to the metaphor of the doll dressed as a prisoner [seen in street protests], even though our President can personally protect herself, she suffers contamination by the misdeeds of her patron and continuously loses the ability to govern. At this point, collusion behind closed doors is only increasing the negative reactions of citizens and does not return legitimacy to the government – that is – the acceptance of its right to command, to lead.  If the President is unable to make a gesture of greatness (resignation or a frank admission that she made mistakes and offer paths to be taken for national recovery), we will witness the growing disarticulation of the government and the Congress, taking hits from the Lavajato scandal. That is until a leader with moral strength says, as Ulysses Guimarães [who led the campaign to reinstate democracy following the  1964-1985 military dictatorship did,Constitution in hand, as he addressed (then President Fernando) Collor ( just before he was impeached): “You think you are President, Sir, but you no longer are.

The statement in Portuguese:


O mais significativo das demonstrações, como as de ontem, é a persistência do sentimento popular de que o governo, embora legal, é ilegítimo. Falta-lhe a base moral, que foi corroída pelas falcatruas do lulopetismo. Com a metáfora do boneco vestido de presidiário, a Presidente, mesmo que pessoalmente possa se salvaguardar, sofre contaminação dos malfeitos de seu patrono e vai perdendo condições de governar. A esta altura, os conchavos de cúpula só aumentam a reação popular negativa e não devolvem legitimidade ao governo, isto é, a aceitação de seu direito de mandar, de conduzir. Se a própria Presidente não for capaz do gesto de grandeza (renúncia ou a voz franca de que errou, e sabe apontar os caminhos da recuperação nacional), assistiremos à desarticulação crescente do governo e do Congresso, a golpes de Lavajato. Até que algum líder com forca moral diga, como o fez Ulysses Guimarães ao Collor: “O sr.  pensa que é presidente, mas já não é mais”.

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