The Brazilian Crisis has a Solution

Milton Seligman – El País, 8/17/2015

The public manifestations of this past Sunday against President Dilma Rousseff will probably not change the political scenario in Brazil. Despite tough economic hardship, Rousseff’s political sphere has bigger challenges.

Currently, the government of President Dilma Rousseff faces a political crisis. Between the solutions, many consider impeachment an alternative. However, in order for that to happen, they must first prove that Rousseff has committed a crime of responsibility during her mandate.

If Dilma was impeached, the new government should come from a hegemonic political force capable to give the necessary harmony for a new administration to govern Brazil. But this new force policy does not exist in the Brazilian scenario.

It is also good to keep in mind that the mandate of the president is legal. Was her electoral campaign a lie? Yes, and it has been a lie since politicians decided to put aside a vision for Brazil and say exactly what people want to hear.

I prefer to imagine a simpler, almost trivial solution, to resolve the impasse of the Federal Government. Those who elected Rousseff must now help her govern or free her from what seems to have become a burden. This applies mainly to the PT. It must start acting like the party in charge of the administration, but has to leave aside its arrogance and contempt. It must recognize their responsibility and the dimension of the crisis and start building a solution.

Now it’s time to show greatness, commitment and honesty. It’s time to change the scenario of 2018 through the support of an effective administration. It’s time to stop blaming the opposition, the government of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso or an international crisis, which have nothing to do with our hardships.
With the PT united around the president, and with a broad ministerial reform – reducing its number and strengthening the ministries – it might serve as a way to reconnect Rousseff’s government with public opinion.

This solution cannot be achieved by those who do not believe that Rousseff has the capacity to lead the government, or by those who minimize the political crisis. However, this proposal preserves institutions and defends the recent history of Brazilian democracy.

Read original article in Spanish here

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