Brazil’s Coolest Graffiti Is In Grajaú, São Paulo

The Huffington Post, 8/25/2015 

Grajaú is São Paulo’s most populous district, and one of the farthest from the capital’s city’s center, located 27 km (about 17 miles) from Sé Square. Neri’s statement is easy to prove here; every street corner, convenience store, shop or house looks unfinished. The is part of the district’s aesthetics — but ultimately, it’s a product of its dire financial conditions.

Over a green and pink background, a black-haired youth spreads letters out randomly. “Here, I used paintbrushes, rollers and spray.” As he talks proudly about how he executed one of his murals in Jardim das Gaivotas, Mauro notices a pile of bricks lying unused a few meters to the side. He doesn’t think twice. Interrupting the conversation, he goes over and makes yet another doodle. For him, this work is part of any everyday walk, always carrying his rucksack filled with paint, brushes, spray cans and caps. He’s always in a perfect state of readiness.

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