Throwing the book, several tons of it, at Brazil’s tax code

Simon Romero – The New York Times, 9/25/2015

Some tax lawyers in Brazil prefer to toil in obscurity, navigating a devilishly complex system that is added to nearly every day and then amended again, often in ways that contradict one another. On a continent known for its voluminous tax codes, Brazil stands out, ranking ahead of nations like Bolivia, Venezuela and Paraguay among contenders for the world’s most time-consuming tax regime.

But Vinicios Leoncio is not your normal Brazilian tax lawyer.

Fed up with the gargantuan Brazilianthat requires Brazilians to photocopy, notarize, authenticate and stamp a superabundance of documents related to their life, Mr. Leoncio is taking aim at a central element of Brazil’s red tape: the tax code. Embarking decades ago on a lonely crusade, he began documenting the absurdities of Brazil’s methods of collecting taxes.

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