An Artist Finds the Beauty in Brazil’s Most Polluted River

ANDREW NUNES, VICE, 10/1/2015 

While Brazil is known for its luscious natural abundance through its forests and beaches, the fifth largest country in area has its own share of environmental issues. São Paulo, Brazil’s most populated metropolitan center, kills more people through its pollution than car accidents, breast cancer, and AIDS combined. Beyond pollution, the city’s other great environmental problem exists in the form of the Tietê River, an incredibly long body of water that crosses throughout the city through the rest of the state of São Paulo. The Tietê River is the most polluted river in Brazil, well-known throughout the country for its murky grey tone and the scattered, built-up trash that built up along the portion that passes through the city.


Brazilian artist Marcelo Moscheta depicts the Tietê River from a different and more optimistic perspective for his project, Arrasto. Rather than focusing on the polluted and smaller portion of the river that runs through the city of São Paulo, Moscheta travelled from one end of the river in Salesópolis to the other end where the Tietê River leads into the Paraná River.

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