With impeachment more likely in Brazil, President Dilma becomes the anti-Lula

Kenneth Rapoza – Forbes, 10/13/2015

Dilma Rousseff has become the anti-Lula. When it comes to popularity along her years in office, hers has fallen to historic lows while that of her friend and colleague Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva only rose. At one point, Lula was the most popular president in the Americas. For Dilma, even Cristina Kirchner of Argentina and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela poll better than her.

In Lula’s first year in office, less than a third of the population considered him a positive for the country, according to polling firm Datafolha in Sao Paulo. By the time he left 8 years later in 2009, his popularity level was over 80%.

By contrast, when Dilma took over in January 2010, she had around the same amount of approval. But that quickly diminished and within 13 months of office she was down to around 48%. She peaked in the low 60-percentile range before heading deep south to where she sits today. At 8% popularity,

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