A cheating public employee is caught in the act, and Brazil can’t stop watching

Dom Phillips – The Washington Post, 10/16/2015

It began as a news report on how some government workers got paid for doing nothing in the legislature of Goias, a state in Brazil’s interior. But the clips of an employee running away from a TV reporter have sparked a national uproar — going viral and inspiring a cellphone game that has been downloaded more than 600,000 times.

In the TV Globo exposé, a reporter attempted to interview a woman who had punched in for work at the state legislature two days running and then headed home via a bakery. On the third day, the program revealed, the woman punched in, then went out for coffee and spent a few hours lazing in a nearby park.

As she left the park, the woman, later identified as Edinair dos Santos Moraes, was approached by a reporter. The interview went like this.

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