The heat: Brazil’s economic and political crisis

Anand Naidoo – CCTV America, 10/15/2015

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff stands up against calls for her impeachment, as she works to bring her country out of its deepest recession in 25 years.

In recent weeks, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has cut her salary, reduced the size of her cabinet and slashed thousands of coveted jobs for political appointees. Brazil is facing its worst economic crisis in decades, unemployment has climbed to over 8% and the economy could shrink by 3% this year. Rousseff’s approval ratings are in the single digits and polls show that two-thirds of Brazilians would support her impeachment.

As many as a dozen impeachment petitions are already before Brazil’s Congress, alleging the president broke laws during her re-election campaign. The Brazilian Supreme Court intervened his week, stopping impeachment efforts for now.

Read more and watch video of Brazil Institute’s Director, Paulo Sotero’s interview here

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