Brazil’s Opposition Also Has A Problem

Forbes, Kenneth Rapoza, 11-23-2015

Brazil’s opposition has a problem. If President Dilma Rousseff is sacked, and this is looking less likely at the moment, there is no guarantee that would get a shot at a new election before 2018. If they did, the Social Democrats (PSDB) would win. They’d be piloting Brazil’s beleaguered ship of state around a black hole. Sorry, Dilma haters…the PSDB will not save you.

At least not anytime soon.

What does the opposition get by trashing Dilma? Nothing. They get nothing but hopes for an impeachment; a process that is being led by Eduardo Cunha, a former Dilma ally implicated in the Petrobras bribery scandal. A money-launderer who lied to Congress about some $5 million he has in a Swiss bank account. Although Cunha is not part of the PSDB party, this is the man they have relied on to stir things up in Congress and give Dilma the boot.

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