Racist of the Year Award Winner Announced

Survival International, 12/15/2015



Survival International today announced the winner of the Racist of the Year Award 2015 as Fernando Furtado, a deputy in the Brazilian state of Maranhao.

Furtado, of the Communist Party of Brazil, was given the award for comments he made in a speech in July, in which he said that Amazonian Indians should be left to starve. He also called them “a bunch of little gays.” After having caused outrage in Brazil, Mr. Furtado was forced to issue a formal retraction.

Addressing a meeting of loggers and ranchers, Mr. Furtado said of indigenous Brazilians: “They don’t know how to plant rice, so let them die of hunger in poverty, that’s the best thing, because they don’t know how to work.”

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