Brazilian presidency maps out the number supporters of Dilma in the government as a counteraction to those who have already publicly announced their adherence to the impeachment

In order to prevent president Dilma’s impeachment, the presidency is conducting a thorough research regarding the origin of the political nomination in government jobs in Brasilia and in other states.  Its objective is to trace back the original political nominators of public workers in order to have an accurate number of supporters and to prevent nominations from congressmen who publicly announced their support for the impeachment, such as the president of Congress, Eduardo Cunha. Once they have a precise number of political supporters, it becomes easier to negotiate the nominations for the new committee in favor of the worker’s party government.

The presidency also understands the difficulty in tracking down every government nominations throughout the years. Given the extensive amount of political parties and affiliations, it is challenging to have an exact number of people. Currently, the number of supporters in Congress is estimated to be 250 votes against the process of impeachment. Although 250 votes are enough to offset the process of impeachment, it is still considerably low considering previous party coalitions.

Read original article in Portuguese…

Summary by Julia Fonteles, Staff Intern at the Brazil Institute and a Junior at the George Washington University.

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