Brazil’s State Run Banks Getting Tapped Out

Kenneth Rapoza – Forbes, 01/31/2016

Brazil’s public banks are the only game in town. Not only do they have subsidized rates they can offer home owners and small business, but they are the only banks in Brazil willing to take on risk. Last year, 56% of credit circulating nationwide was from the public sector banks. That’s up from 34% six years ago. The problem is that these banks are getting stretched out and will not be able to offer as much credit this year.

“The situation for capital at state banks is very tight. They cannot do a lot of anti-cyclical moves at the moment,” an executive at one of the banks told Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper on Sunday. “Either the Central Bank injects capital or Brazil breaks with the Basil accords.”

Brazil is still a ways away from being a risky lender, however.The Basil agreement among world banks, pushed forward after the Great Recession in order to avoid a global banking meltdown, requires signatories to hold between 7% and 9.5% in cash in relation to its credit portfolio.

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