Impeachment Map // Mapa do Impeachment

Mapa do Impeachment – Vem da Rua

The Impeachment Map is a tool created by the volunteers of the “Vem Pra Rua” movement, in order to mobilize civil society in favor of the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, clarifying the positions of the representatives in Brasilia concerning the process.

The Impeachment of President Dilma is a judicial and political process and many support its approval by the National Congress. Because of popular support for the impeachment, the “Vem Pra Rua” movement supports those representatives who have already declared their position in favor of impeachment, urges those indecisive representatives to make a decision in favor of impeachment and mainly, highlights for voters those representative against impeachment.

The Impeachment map is the result of intensive research that cross-references sources including the Congress, Senate, Electoral Court, IBGE,, as well as Google searches and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

The representatives and their opinions on  impeachment are broken down into three categories: those who are undecided, those who have already announced their support for impeachment and those who have been vocally against impeachment. The website allows visitors to contact those representatives who are against or undecided by providing contact information, website links and relevant information about the representative. The map also breaks down the representatives in a various ways, whether by state or by legislative body.

Check out the Map (In Portuguese)…

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