Led by Marina, there is a push for new elections

Ricardo Brito – Estado de Sao Paulo, 04/04/2016

On Tuesday the 5th, the former presidential candidate Marina Silva will launch a campaign titled “Not Dilma, Not Temer, New Elections are the Solution”. The campaign, to be formally announced in the National Hotel in Brasilia at 12pm, emphasizes the need for new elections as the solution for the political crisis.

For this group, both President Dilma Rousseff and the Vice-President Michel Temer are responsible for the current situation in Brazil. Since last year, Marina Silva has spoken out that instead of an impeachment, the best solution for the country would be the annulment of the election of Dilma and Temer by the Electoral Court (TSE).

In an interview with Estado on March 21, Marina said that if Temer were to be president, it would also end up being deemed illegitimate and additionally it would be a continuation of the government of Dilma Rousseff.

Read the original in Portuguese…

Translated by: The Brazil Institute


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