Politicians want to censor the Internet in Brazil with the excuse of fighting “cyber crime”

Instituto de Tecnologia & Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro, 04/01/2016

Pay attention to what just happened: the National Congress has just released the final report of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) of Cybercrime. The report proposes the creation of 8 bills to control the Internet. These projects are bombastic: they attack fundamental rights directly, such as freedom of expression, the right to privacy and important aspects of the “Marco Civil da Internet”, precisely those that protect against Internet surveillance and censorship.

Among the proposals that are set out in the final report of the CPI of Cybercrime are:

a) Turning social networks censorship bodies to protect the honor of politicians. If anyone speak ill of a politician in a social network, the social network will be required to remove the content within 48 hours. If its is not removed, the company will be co-responsible for that content and will have to compensate the offended politician. In other words, social networks will become permanent agent of surveillance and censorship of its users.

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