Opinion: If Impeachment, Then Who?

Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda – Folha de S. Paulo 04/06/2016

The most bizarre fact of Brazil’s political crisis is also its most important one: almost every major political figure advocating the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff faces corruption allegations far more serious than those directed at her.

From Michel Temer and Eduardo Cunha to PSDB’s Aécio Nevis and Geraldo Alckmin, Dilma’s most influential adversaries are implicated in shocking corruption scandals that would be career-destroying in any healthy democracy.

Indeed, the towering irony of this crisis is that while Brazil’s major parties (including PT) are rife with corruption, President Rousseff is one of the very few politicians with plausible claims to the Presidency of the Republic who is not directly involved in corruption schemes for personal enrichment.

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