New twists in Brazil crisis raise possibility of new elections

Vincent Bevins – Los Angeles Times, 04/07/2016

Not only is Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff facing the prospect of impeachment, but now her vice president, who would take over if she were deposed, is also the subject of impeachment proceedings.

Though it’s considered unlikely that Brazil’s Congress will recommend Vice President Michel Temer be impeached — he is considered to have more allies in the legislature than Rousseff — the Supreme Court’s order to start the proceedings adds a new twist to the nation’s deepening political crisis.

New allegations also came to light Thursday that make things look worse for Rousseff and Temer. Construction company Andrade Gutierrez donated money to Rousseff’s campaigns that may have come from bribes obtained in the kickback scheme at the state-owned Petrobras oil company, an imprisoned former executive at the construction firm alleged in a plea-bargain confession. If these accusations are proved accurate this year, or if both Temer and Rousseff are removed from office, new presidential elections would be held.

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