Realistic Solutions for the Political Maze

Carlos Melo, Milton Seligman – Plus55, 04/11/2016

The Brazilian crisis has intensified, and it is now evident that a clear solution is no longer possible: the economic disaster will not be rapidly fixed, and Operation Car Wash will not be contained. Brazil finds itself in a maze, and exits appear to be blocked. There is a glaring lack of leadership and creativity, mixed with an abundance of conflicts. The solution does not seem to come from the political arena; au contraire, the high-profile leaders are guided by personal interests and have become victims of their own shortsightedness. Their rhetoric only seems to worsen the situation and deepen dissent.

With rare exceptions, there are no actors capable of creating a new atmosphere, to create new alliances. We lack the political stature to propose new economic, social and political guidelines for Brazilian society. We need something to lead us out of this crisis and towards peaceful debate, as the anger from all sides has reached beyond-believable levels of rage.

The streets are shouting both for and against the government, but are met without an echo in our political establishment. Without coordination and leaders capable of voicing their wishes, the streets are basically alienated from the debate. With regards to the future, hope is fading away, much like Brazil’s credibility. Our archaic representation system remains ineffective and inoperative, incapable of bringing our nation together.

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