Interfarma, 04/14/2016

A controversial decision by the Brazilian government authorizing the use of untested and unproven cancer drug for human clinical has been strongly criticized by local pharmaceutical industry association, Interfarma. The  decision was approved by embattled president Dilma Rousseff, who faces impeachment proceedings in Congress, and seen as a politically calculated move to help prevent her ousting.

The drug, phosphoesthanolamine, has not properly been vetted by Brazil’s health agency AVISA, and sets a new precedent for fast tracking and releasing to the market drugs without proper approval.

In a public statement, Interfarma chastised the release of the drug and argued that it is a political stunt to divert attention away from the embattled president and will put patients at risk and noted it “has no proof of efficacy or the inexistence of side effects.” US press outlets have also lashed out at the decision, noting its lack of clinical trials and providing a false sense of hope to patients in need of cancer drugs.

Read Portuguese press release here…

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