Impeachment rebounds on Brazil’s Speaker Eduardo Cunha

Reed Johnson and Luciana Magalhaes – The Wall Street Journal, 04/19/2016

SÃO PAULO—The impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff is exposing members of all the country’s major parties to heightened criticism, but none more so than Eduardo Cunha, speaker of the lower house and the man who launched the effort.

While Mr. Cunha and his pro-impeachment allies seek to cast Ms. Rousseff’s government in the worst possible light, his opponents are trying to delegitimize the proceedings by turning a spotlight on the ethical conduct of Mr. Cunha and his supporters.

Even as the Chamber of Deputies voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to impeach the unpopular leftist president, the raucous voting session turned into something of an unofficial referendum on Mr. Cunha. Several lawmakers used their allotted time during the voice vote to pillory the speaker, who has been indicted on a charge of pocketing millions in funds plundered from Brazil’s state-owned oil company and hiding the money in overseas accounts. Mr. Cunha has long denied wrongdoing.

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