Michel Temer Continues to Put Women’s Rights at Risk in Brazil

Nana Soares – Huffington Post, 06/06/2016

Brazil’s interim President Michel Temer has so far been a disastrous ruler in terms of women’s rights.

Activists have condemned many of his decisions, among them, stripping the Secretariat of Policies for Women of its ministerial status. That alone would be cause for concern, considering that the cabinet is filled with white men. But the appointment — which is not yet official — of former congresswoman Fátima Pelaes as head of the Secretariat has made matters even worse.

Her appointment would be quite unsettling. Fátima was a congresswoman for the state of Amapá, and is currently in charge of women’s issues in the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, but her agenda is quite different from that of the feminist movement’s.

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