Statement of P. Michael McKinley

P. Michael McKinley, 06/21/2016

It is my distinct honor to appear before you today as President Obama’s nominee to serve as the next United States Ambassador to Brazil. I deeply appreciate the confidence President Obama and Secretary Kerry have shown in me by sending my name to the Senate for consideration. I am also profoundly thankful for the support of my family, particularly my wife Fatima and my children Claire, Peter, and Sarah.

Having spent part of my youth in Brazil, and having had the good fortune to serve as U.S. Ambassador first to Peru and then to Colombia, I am well aware of Brazil’s importance to the United States and to the region. If I am confirmed, I pledge to work with you and your Senate colleagues to continue developing our vibrant relationship with Brazil.

Brazil and the United States have a rich history of collaboration. The United States was the first nation to recognize Brazil’s independence in 1822, and our troops fought side-by-side as part of the Allied effort during the Second World War. Today, the United States and Brazil are pursuing a comprehensive agenda with a breadth and depth that befits the size of our countries and the diversity of our peoples.

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