Golden Lion Tamarins Carry the Olympic Torch in Rio de Janeiro


The Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center salutes Andreia Martins and the team that helped her carry the Olympic torch in Rio on behalf and in honor of those who contributed to save the Golden Lion Tamarins and continue to work to preserve this beautiful monkey. Native of Brazil, the Golden Lion Tamarins were saved from extinction in the 1980s by an exemplary collaboration between Brazilian and American scientists, environmentalist and concerned citizens.

We take this this opportunity to celebrate de memory of Dr. Devra Kleiman (1942-2010), an American scientist and pioneer in the field of Conservation Biology, and of honor Dr. Adelmar Coimbra Filho, (1924-2016), a leading Brazilian primatalogist, who died last June at 92. In the 1980s, Kleiman and Coimbra Filho led the effort to reproduce the Brazil born Golden Lion Tamarins in captivity at the Smithsonian Institution Washington National Zoo. The animals, which remain on the endangered species list, where successfully reintroduced in their habitat of Mata Atlântica’s Poço das Antas, North of Rio, in the early 1990s.

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