Elections Portal 2014

The Elections Portal is a comprehensive guide that provides easily accessible information on the 2014 Brazilian Elections, created by the Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center. Here, you can find background on the party platforms, the candidates, polls, debates, and information on important issues to the electorate. Our objective is to inform, educate, and foster dialogue.

Presidential candidates Dilma Rousseff and Aécio Neves

Presidential candidates Dilma Rousseff and Aécio Neves

Before the final polls on Sunday, October 26th, the 2014 Brazil presidential election still did not have a clear favorite. Polls placed Dilma Rousseff (PT) with 47% of valid voter intentions, while her opponent, Aecio Neves (PSDB) held 43%. Paulo Sotero, Director of the Brazil Institute, said, “This election has been marked by unusual political vulnerability… It’s been the most unpredictable election since the return of democratic elections in 1989 and will remain unpredictable until the end.”

This Sunday, Brazilians reelected Dilma Rousseff to the Brazilian presidency. For commentary, read Paulo Sotero’s comments on the results or watch the webcast of “Brazil’s Presidential Election: An Early Assessment of the Outcome and its Political, Economic and Foreign Policy Implications,” held at the Wilson Center on October 27th.

Polling data throughout the 2014 Brazil presidential elections fluctuated significantly, finally reflecting the final decision going into the second round election runoff on October 26th, 2014.

Original photos courtesy of Flickr users Aécio Neves Presidente and Airton Morassi. Photo editing and graph created by Layne Vandenberg.

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