Brazil: Lula Favored in 2018 Election, Temer Tanks at 5%

Telesur, 07/27/2016

Suspended President Dilma Rousseff´s predecesor, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva,–popularly known as Lula–   is the favored candidate for the 2018 presidential election, while “interim” President Michel Temer trails far behind with just 5 percent, according to a new Datafolha poll commissioned by the Globo newspaper.

The poll, of 2,792 respondents conducted between July 14 and 15, found that the former labor leader and Workers’ Party founder Lula leads voter preferences with 22 percent, followed by the Green Party’s Marina Silva at 17 percent. Silva finished third in the 2010 preisdential election.

Lula has expressed interest in running in the 2018 election, saying that the more he and his ally Rousseff are attacked, the more likely he is to run.

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Poll shows majority of Brazilians want new elections

Anthony Boadle – Reuters, 06/08/2016

More than a quarter of Brazilians view interim President Michel Temer’s government negatively and a majority want new elections this year, according to a poll on Wednesday that suggested scandals and policy reversals had dented his popularity.

Temer’s government, which began on May 12 when Brazil’s Senate suspended leftist President Dilma Rousseff for breaking budget laws, received a negative rating from 28 percent of Brazilians, according to the CNT/MDA poll.

Only 11.3 percent of those questioned gave it a positive rating, while 30.2 percent found it “regular”.

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Poll Shows Support in Brazil for impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff

New York Times, 03/20/2016

RIO DE JANEIRO — A new poll published Sunday suggested strong support for the impeachment of embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in a politically polarized country mired in an economic recession and a corruption probe that has ensnared much of the county’s political brass.

The poll by the respected Datafolha agency, published in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, said 68 percent of people surveyed want to see lawmakers vote to impeach Rousseff. That’s up 8 percentage points since February, with the jump was highest among the rich, who supported Rousseff’s impeachment by 74 percent.

Just 10 percent rated Rousseff’s agoverment good or excellent, with 69 percent calling it bad or terrible.

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Brazil’s economy is being blasted back in time

Linette Lopez – Business Insider, 8/5/2015

Economic indicators are flashing danger in Brazil. Activity in the country’s service sector is at its lowest level since the depths of the financial crisis, according to data from Markit Economics.

Meanwhile, economic activity is falling at almost 5% a year, according to research firm Reorient.

Couple that with a scandal-ridden president with a 7% approval rating and a major commodities slump, and what you’ve got are the ingredients for economic disaster.

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Rousseff’s approval increases in Brazil on crisis handling

Maria Luiza Rabello, Raymond Colitt – Bloomberg, 12/16/2011

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s approval rating rose to 72 percent in December on stronger support for economic policies, an opinion poll showed.

Rousseff, who took office Jan. 1, saw her approval climb from 71 percent in September, according to the Ibope poll published today and commissioned by the National Industry Confederation in Brasilia.

“People approve her handling of the crisis,” Andre Cesar, a political analyst with consultancy CAC, said by phone from Brasilia. “The economic downturn hasn’t impacted the day-to-day life of the people yet.”

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Scandals, economy take toll on Brazil’s Rousseff

Raymond Colitt – Reuters, 08/10/2011

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has suffered the first major fall in her popularity, a poll showed on Wednesday, as she battles a rash of corruption scandals and a slowing economy.

Although her ratings remain relatively high, a sustained fall could undermine the 63-year-old career civil servant’s ability to stay the course on economic austerity measures and make it harder to push reforms through an unruly Congress.

Rousseff’s approval rating dropped 6 percentage points to 67 percent, while the number of those who disapproved more than doubled to 25 percent, a survey by the Ibope polling firm showed.

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Brazil president’s crisis message: Don’t spend

Jeferson Ribeiro and Brian Winter – Reuters, 08/10/2011

President Dilma Rousseff warned rebellious congressional allies on Wednesday not to pass new spending bills, telling them that tight budget control is the best way to ensure that Brazil’s economy avoids further damage from the global crisis.

Brazil’s financial markets have been hit especially hard by the recent volatility emanating from Europe and the United States. High inflation and a darkening economic growth outlook have led many investors, who are fleeing high-risk investments generally, to unload Brazilian assets even faster than those in other emerging markets.

Rousseff told a special meeting of legislators that Brazil’s economy could deteriorate even faster unless they keep a lid on annual salary increases for public servants and reject other proposals that could stoke inflation.

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Three-in-Four Brazilians Happy with Lula

Angus Reid Global Monitor, 10/02/2009

Sept. 2009 May 2009 Mar. 2009
Approve 76.8% 81.5% 76.2%
Disapprove 18.7% 15.7% 19.9%

“Public support for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva remains high in the final months of his tenure as Brazil’s president, according to a poll by Instituto Sensus. 76.8 per cent of respondents approve of Lula’s performance, down 4.7 points since May.”

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