Sao Paulo crack addicts face obligatory treatment

BBC, 01/14/2013

Officials in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo are to begin making people addicted to crack cocaine get treatment.

A new law allows mandatory treatment for drug users in “advanced stages of addiction” and at risk of death. Social services, not police, will identify potential patients on the streets, the state government says.

A similar policy already targets addicted minors living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

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Addicts embody cocaine boom in Brazil’s “cracklands”

Bruno Marfinati – Reuters, 04/04/2012

A drug user consumes crack in the old center of Salvador da Bahia March 19, 2012.
Credit: Reuters/Lunae Parracho

When night falls, street crack marketplaces open for business.

The gritty transactions of the drug trade take over in city neighborhoods that hum with legitimate commerce by day. Throngs of stupefied buyers crowd around dealers before skulking away behind the telltale glow of cigarette lighters.

These are not the images that Brazil wants to project.

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