India-Brazil trade growing fast

New York Daily News, 11/09/2012

Trade between India and Brazil, part of the BRICS group of the world’s emerging economies, is growing at an amazing 35 percent per annum despite an economic slowdown in both the countries and the physical distance between them, Brazil’s ambassador to India has said.

Implementation of an air services agreement between the two is expected to bridge that distance and give a shot to the trade dynamism, a seminar here was told.

“There is a dynamism in trade that reflects the potentialities of both the countries,” Carloa Duarte said at a seminar here Thursday on doing business with Brazil organised by the Indo-Brazil Chamber of Commerce along with state-run Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO).

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Brazil hopes to forge closer links with Indonesia

Linda Yulisman – The Jakarta Post, 10/05/2011

Brazil, the largest economy in South America, expects to expand its cooperation with Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, as there is still enormous room for growth in many areas, including agriculture and high-technology industry, a high-level official says.

Undersecretary-general for Asia of the Brazilian External Relations Ministry, Maria Edileuza Fontenelle Reis, said that Brazil wanted to boost bilateral trade and investment in Indonesia, its key partner in the Southeast Asia region, in the near future as economic cooperation between the two countries was very much complementary.

“In terms of investment and trade, prospects are numerous. Our bilateral trade figure is now more than US$3 billion and should reach beyond $4 billion by year’s end. But the dynamism and dimensions of our economies are way beyond that,” she told The Jakarta Post in an exclusive interview in Jakarta on Tuesday.

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