A strong voice for Brazil’s powerful farmers

Juan Forero – NPR, 01/07/2012

In some ways, Katia Abreu is still an old-fashioned farmer, one who rides her chestnut mare, Billy Jean, to tour her farm in Tocantins state in north-central Brazil.

She glides the horse along a gravel road, which soon turns to dirt, and along fields of sorghum and corn. She has plans for more.

“Soon, we’re going to produce fish and lamb,” she says. “There will be soybeans and fields of tall grass for cattle. Lots of cattle.”

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Brazil, Largest Beef Exporter, to Discuss Chain of Production at International Conference of Cattle Feeders

PR Newswire, 8/16/2012

From the 11th to the 13th of September, Brazil will host the fifth edition of Interconf – International Conference of Cattle Feeders (www.interconf.org.br/en). The event will serve as a forum for discussions on the evolution of the meat chain and its impacts on productive processes. The congress is held by the Assocon (National Association of Cattle Feeders) and Canal Rural.

With an estimated herd of more than 200 million head of cattle, Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of beef, and has the largest part of its production concentrated in the Central-Western region – where Interconf will take place, in the city of Goiania, capital of the State of Goias. In 2011, approximately 12.1% of the cattle slaughtered (or 3.46 million) were terminated in confinement.

The quality of the Congress technical programming is one of the highlights of Interconf 2012. The event will occur over the course of three days, with two days of plenary sessions and one day in the field. For this edition there has been an overhaul of the issues to be discussed.

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Brazil Amazon governor backs cattle control effort

Inae Riveras and Roberto Samora-Reuters, 08/11/2009

Cattle ranching has become the biggest environmental challenge for Brazil’s Mato Grosso state, which has launched a “cattle moratorium” to combat Amazon destruction, the state’s governor said on Tuesday.

Mato Grosso is calling on meatpackers to stop buying cattle raised in newly cleared areas of the world’s largest rain forest. Environmental activists have cited ranching as a prime driver of Amazon degradation.

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