Entrepreneurship in Brazil: unlimited potential

Andrew Zacharakis – Forbes, 4/10/2013

I’m fortunate to have traveled to Brazil a couple of times a year for the last decade.  The country is amazing; the physical beauty of the Amazon, the luxurious beaches of Rio, the splendor of Carnival and the warmth and joy of its people.  During my trips, I’ve seen an incredible transformation.  The country has enjoyed tremendous economic progress over the last 20 years thanks to the reforms of Presidents Cardoso, Lula and Dilma, although there is still plenty of need for additional reforms.  Within this dynamic environment, I’ve had the opportunity to witness entrepreneurship first hand, working with Endeavor (a non-profit that transforms economies by working with high-impact entrepreneurs), SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro-Enterprise and Small Business Support Service – a quasi-government agency similar to our Small Business Administration), and my academic colleagues from leading universities like FGV and Insper amongst others.

Brazil is entrepreneurial.  One in six adults is either trying to launch a business or is the owner of a new venture less than 42 months old and another one in six is running a more established venture.  That 30% of the population is quite a bit higher than the 22% here in the US. During my work in Brazil, I’ve noticed a few things that make the entrepreneurial environment particularly exciting and some obstacles that are holding back this powerful engine.

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Brazil’s booming beauty market draws investors

Juliana Barbassa – Huffington Post, 02/13/2013

RIO DE JANEIRO — Looking good has always been serious business in Brazil. Now it’s big business, too.

A flush new middle class and a population strong on working adults is dropping major cash on designer shampoos, lotions and cosmetics, rapidly turning this country into a beauty industry powerhouse.

Sales of beauty products in Brazil hit $43 billion in 2011, a growth of 142 percent in five years that puts it on a pace to overtake Japan as the world’s second-largest beauty market within a few years, according to Euromonitor, a global market research company. At the same time, Japan’s beauty market grew by 40 percent and the United States’ by 7.3 percent.

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Q and A: Founder of consulting firm HRM INT’L

Cultural differences abound when doing business with Brazil, according to the founder of consulting firm HRM INT’L.

Joseph Mann-Miami Herald, 10/26/09

Paul Rocha has been a familiar figure in South Florida’s Brazilian-American community since the 1980s.

Born in Brazil, Rocha is the president and founder of management consulting firm HRM INT’L in Key Biscayne. An engineer-turned-consultant, he advises Brazilian firms on doing business in the United States, helps American firms interested in trade and investment in Brazil and carries out international purchasing for several Brazilian companies.

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