Car bulletproofing not just for the rich in Brazil: DuPont’s armored car kit a hit

Ernest Scheyder – Reuters/Chicago Tribune, 04/15/2012

(NACHO DOCE, REUTERS / April 15, 2012)

Would you bulletproof a Kia? If you live in Brazil, the answer could very well be yes – to guard against robbers at stop signs in Sao Paulo or traffic jams in Brasilia.

Armor plating isn’t just for aristocrats anymore as the world’s seventh-largest economy grapples with high rates of kidnapping, murder and robbery.

DuPont , widely known as a chemical maker, introduced its bulletproof Kevlar fiber and SentryGlas car kit Armura in 2008 to middle class Brazilian families with Chevrolets, Hondas and yes, even low-cost Kias.

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