Call for federal investigation into police abuses during Sao Paulo

Reporters Without Borders, 06/14/2013

Reporters Without Borders calls on the Secretariat for Human Rights and its minister, Maria do Rosário, to investigate acts of violence and grave violations of constitutional rights by the Military Police (PM) during the protests against public transport fare hikes that began in São Paulo five days ago.

Similar investigations should be carried out in other cities where abuses of the same nature take place.

“The PM’s crackdown on the street protests has been accompanied by serious violations of freedom of information, one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the 1988 democratic constitution,” Reporters Without Borders said.

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Brazil: states should act on killings by police

Human Rights Watch, 11/29/2012

A resolution by Brazil’s Human Rights Defense Council outlines crucial steps needed to reduce unlawful killings by police, Human Rights Watch said today. The resolution calls on law enforcement officials at the state level to ensure that all killings by their police forces are properly investigated.

The council, led by Human Rights Minister Maria do Rosário, issued the resolution on November 28, 2012, following a public consultation with government officials, public security experts, and civil society representatives.

“Police officers in many parts of Brazil face real difficulties and dangers when confronting violent crime, and many of them have lost their lives in the line of duty,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch. “Unfortunately, their legitimate efforts to enforce the law have often been undermined by other officers who themselves engage in unlawful violence, executing people and falsely claiming their victims died in shootouts.”

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Brazil: Critics slam court’s underage sex verdict

Marco Sibaja – AP/WTOP, 04/01/2012

A Brazilian court decision that sex with a 12-year-old does not necessarily constitute statutory rape has caused outrage among human rights activists in the country.

The Superior Court of Justice ruled this week that a man accused of having sex with three 12-year-olds couldn’t be convicted of rape because of extenuating circumstances, including the fact the girls had previously worked as prostitutes.

Amnesty International on Friday blasted the verdict by the appeals court as “outrageous” and called it an “affront to the most basic human rights.

Brazil indigenous Guarani leader Nisio Gomes killed

BBC News, 11/19/2011

Mr Gomes was also a religious leader or shaman

An indigenous leader in southern Brazil has been shot dead in front of his community, officials say.

Nisio Gomes, 59, was part of a Guarani Kaiowa group that returned to their ancestral land at the start of this month after being evicted by ranchers.

He was killed by a group of around 40 masked gunmen who burst into the camp.

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