World Cup Law plans discount tickets

Robbie Blakeley – Rio Times, 12/20/2011

Vicente Cândido (PT-SP) presented the Proposed Law of the Cup for FIFA consideration, photo Divulgação.

A key article in Brazil’s O Projeto da Lei Geral da Copa (The Proposed Law of the Cup) could see discounts given on World Cup tickets to those who hand over firearms prior to the FIFA World Cup, to be held in Brazil in 2014. The proposal was made by deputy Vicente Cândido, and the idea is currently being considered by FIFA, world football’s governing body.

In addition, the law would also offer discount-price entrance to university students, indigenous Brazilians and those on a minimum salary. Whilst nothing is official yet, it is believed the reduced price tickets would cost around R$46 (roughly US$25).

Outside the meeting in Brasília last week, a group of students waited anxiously for news on the outcome. While they remained quiet throughout the discussion, they occupied a large space outside the building, with the objection of a protest if the deputies had changed their mind on the sale of discount tickets.

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